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Answers to some of your most common questions

Be in the know in the GBC universe.

Accessibility First Design

Glacier Beach Colorado (GBC) will have an accessible first design, a first of its kind for water parks and theme parks alike.

Is it true that GBC will be accessible first, what does that mean?

Accessible first means that every attraction will be designed for access to all, with some restrictions. All rides will have elevator access, no one will be required to carry around bulky and awkward tubes.

Is your park designed for kids or adults?

We are designing our park to be loved by kids and adults alike. Almost all of our rides will be accommodating to most heights. We will have a cleverly designed kids splash area where the entire family can play. Every attraction will accomodate 2 or more guests. We believe GBC will be best explored with friends, family, co-workers and groups – but don’t hesitate to visit if your single, we heard Ernie the Ermine is looking for a special someone.

Where will GBC be located and when will you open?

Due to circumstances outside of our control our original location near Golden fell through. Our team is hard at work with an entirely new location. We will provide more details on the new location and an estimated opening date when that is securely locked in. We know you are anxiously waiting the news, subscribe to our social media and mailing list to be the first to know and receive an exclusive invite to opening week.

Will you be able to stay on property?

Not only do we plan to offer guests the chance to stay on property, we want to build a beautiful resort with plenty of activities for the entire family, breakfast included and every room has a view and a balcony. We plan to offer exterior and mountain views as well as interior park views. Due to Colorado law, all rooms will be non-smoking but we will offer convenient smoking areas at the resort for those that do.

Will you allow Pets, ESAs or Service Animals?

In our hotel, we will allow up to two Pets and ESAs for a flat per pet fee per stay. This small extra fee covers a deeper cleaning required for some guests with allergies, we plan to use Ozone and UV sterilizers between guests.

Trained and Working Service Animals will be allowed anywhere on resort property, except in water or on our attractions, for no additional fee. We also plan to offer a private pool that will be accessible to you and your service animal and a service animal relief area.

What other amenities does GBC plan to offer and will it be affordable?

We plan to offer a wide array of fun events, affordable and delicious food options, great pricing on tickets, annual passes, souvenirs and more. Compared to other amusements around Colorado, we plan to offer very competitive prices – plus GBC will operate year round at a comfortable temperature and humidity.

I made a park reservation before or already purchased tickets, what do I do now?

We have never sold any tickets and the only way you will be able to purchase tickets for admission in the future is from our official website. We offered free park reservations to reserve an entry spot, this did not include park admission only the ability to reserve a spot because this system was built during COVID-19. Although prior reservations are voided, we plan to offer priority booking and discounted tickets to those that made the time and effort to make those initial park reservations.

Where can I purchase tickets or make reservations to stay?

We will not be opening ticket purchases until we lock in a new location and opening dates. Up to this point we have never sold any tickets or admission.

Hotel Resort Reservations will open up once a hotel operating partner allows, after our announcement of a location and opening dates.