Glacier Beach Colorado Addresses False Reporting by Steve Staeger

For Immediate Release

Northern Colorado – July 6, 2024 – Glacier Beach Colorado is setting the record straight in response to recent misleading and false reporting by Steve Staeger of 9NEWS. His article has unfairly attacked our project and misrepresented our efforts, and we feel compelled to respond.

Transparency and Integrity

As a dedicated volunteer team, Glacier Beach Colorado has always prioritized transparency in our communications. Contrary to Mr. Staeger’s claims, our affiliation with “All About Colorado” was limited to a single sponsored post regarding an NFT asset. While we initially planned for a 2023/2024 opening, unforeseen delays occurred, which we have communicated clearly.

Baseless AI Accusations

Staeger’s reliance on AI sensors to question the authenticity of our communications is both unprofessional and unfounded. Our responses are crafted by real people dedicated to making Glacier Beach Colorado a reality. This baseless accusation only serves to mislead the public further.

Misleading Claims

Mr. Staeger’s statement that we plan to open in 2025 is a blatant falsehood. There is a clear banner across the top of our website stating otherwise. Such inaccuracies are not reflective of investigative journalism. We expect accurate and fair reporting moving forward. While Mr. Staeger eventually acknowledged our privacy policy and other facts, his initial incorrect reporting has already caused undue harm.

Despite these challenges, we remain committed to our vision of creating a premier resort that will benefit Colorado’s economy, provide jobs, and offer a unique destination for families and thrill-seekers alike.

Motive Behind the Article?

We must question the motive behind Steve Staeger’s recent article. Glacier Beach Colorado has never charged money for tickets, and we have been transparent in our communications and retractions. We are a volunteer team working tirelessly to bring a high-quality resort to Colorado, not to deceive anyone. We faced delays due to circumstances beyond our control, and we have communicated these setbacks clearly.

Our aim is to build the best resort and expand to multiple locations in Colorado and beyond, benefiting the state’s economy. It is concerning that a consumer investigator would act out of apparent spite, or possibly due to connections with other entertainment facilities, rather than conducting thorough research.

In his communications with us, Mr. Staeger displayed a condescending attitude, suggesting that if we did not comply with his demands, he would tarnish our reputation. This raises questions about his professional integrity. Unfortunately, his actions reflect a broader issue of misinformation and manipulation in media, driven by profit motives and the rise of AI tools.

Addressing Personal Comments

Regarding Mr. Staeger’s claim about our comment on his professional Facebook page, we want to clarify that the intention behind our message was positive and supportive. We commented on a picture of Mr. Staeger’s son, simply noting that he would be the perfect age to enjoy Glacier Beach Colorado when it opens. There was nothing negative or threatening in our comment. However, due to Mr. Staeger’s continued misrepresentation and aggressive tactics, we must state that he and his associates are not welcome at our parks in the future. Nevertheless, we still extend a warm welcome to his son once we are open.

Looking Forward

Despite these challenges, we remain unwavering in our commitment to our vision. Glacier Beach Colorado represents more than just a resort—it symbolizes the potential for innovative entertainment experiences that will boost our local economy, provide jobs, and create a unique destination for families and thrill-seekers alike. We are excited about the future and the impact Glacier Beach Colorado will have, not just in Northern Colorado, but as a pioneering project that could set the standard for future developments.

We appreciate the continued support from our community and look forward to making this dream a reality together.

Support from Our Fans

To all the fans who have reached out with supportive messages – we appreciate you! Please join our official fan group, Glacier Beach Colorado Fans. Let’s make this dream a reality!


Jake “JT” Levi
Vice President/Director of Operations
Glacier Beach Colorado LLC

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