No this is not the story of bringing back power to a secret island breeding genetically modified creatures of the past, of course not. This is a story of an amazing, fully immersive, water theme park that is causing a storm in Denver, Colorado.

The multi-talented diverse team behind the idea has over 30+ years of combined theme park and water park experience. We wanted to merge both of those talents into creating a water theme park with unique experiences never before seen in Colorado or even the World. Welcome to our new shiny website and welcome to our world of wonder, Glacier Beach Colorado!

We invite you to take a tour, however please pardon our dust as we are still building up our website and experience. Some photos you see may be stock photos and may not depict the actual final version of Glacier Beach Colorado. We will be constantly bringing updates and we invite you to join us on our journey. We want to try to visualize our idea as best as we can to make the dream come true. We welcome you to explore around and get a feel for yourself. We also welcome feedback through comments or reaching out to us.

Our team wants to bring a family friendly experience that is fun for all ages with thrilling unique rides to chill adventures for the kiddos. We are currently planning our Grand Opening in Summer 2024 with more details to come. Be one of the first to experience Glacier Beach Colorado by Reserving Admission now.

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BIG Changes are Coming Soon! Stay tuned for the announcement! 🤿🌊