Introducing our new Park Mascot: Ernie the Ermine. What is an Ermine you may ask? It’s kind of like a small ferret or pole cat. These animals are super cute, small and very fun to watch!

Ernie is going to be just as awesome! We have some other exciting news. With the introducing of Ernie the Ermine we are jumping on the NFT trend and dropping an exclusive NFT of Ernie with the exclusive added benefit of lifetime access to Glacier Beach Colorado to the lucky winner. Click the OpenSea NFT Auction button below to check that out and place a bid, if you want this once in a lifetime NFT!

But wait there’s more! We have two new attractions to add and announce soon. In the meantime, we have this riddle for you:

I have many seats, and I stop a lot;
So you can get on, from adult to tot;
I move up and down and side to side;
You’ll stay dry and you will not cry;
But you are guaranteed to take a dive.

Thanks for being loyal fans of Glacier Beach Colorado and we look forward to seeing you real soon!

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This is a preview of what we plan to offer, please pardon our dust. See you in Summer 2024! 🤿🌊